Principle and Goal of True Buddha School

The principle is to "Honour the Guru, Treasure the Dharma and Practise diligently."

The goal is to practise the Dharma and cultivate the heart in order to "Realize the mind, see the Buddha nature, and attain self-mastery over life and death."

Extraordinariness of True Buddha School

True Buddha School is extraordinary for:

  • The expedient methods of using the fruition accomplishment as the foundation for cultivation.
  • The transmission of the Root Guru (Padmakumara) Practise, which connects the disciples to the Root Guru in the swiftest way.
  • The complete set of mundane and transcendental teachings and practise procedures, that include the Eight Personal Deity Practises to suit the needs of those inclined towards Taoism, Sutrayana Buddhism, and Vajrayana Buddhism.
  • The Root Guru who is validated by the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Ten Directions and Three Times as the Holy Red-crowned Vajra Master, Venerable Lian-sheng. He is also endowed with the ten virtues of the Buddha.
  • The spiritual experiences of disciples. Besides the phenomenon of spiritual experiences seen in many cases of deliverances, the spiritual validations can be viewed as transcendental accomplishments. For example, there are many instances where sariras were found in the prisoners on death row who took refuge in Living Buddha Lian-sheng and practised diligently. Upon their executions, many relics and sariras were found when their bodies were cremated.

Thus, True Buddha School is a school based on true spiritual validations and experiences. The True Buddha Tantra is indeed the supreme Buddhadharma!

Buddhahood can be attained by practising the True Buddha Tantra

Living Buddha Lian-sheng attained realisation of buddhahood by practising the True Buddha Tantra. Should one follow the same path, one will also realise and attain buddhahood. However, Living Buddha Lian-sheng never claims that the Living Buddha Tantra is exclusively unique. In fact, the truth that Living Buddha Lian-sheng has realised is the very truth realised by Shakyamuni Buddha.

The doctrine of the True Buddha School is all-encompassing, where teachings of Taoism, Sutrayana Buddhism and Vajrayana Buddhism are respected. The True Buddha School's doctrines fit the fabric of truth itself, which is combined with the ancient teachings to serve the greater good.