Circumstances and goals of establishingTrue Buddha School

Affinity for Establishment

The prediction of Buddhahood was conferred on Living Buddha Lian-sheng by Shakyamuni Buddha. He was also entrusted with a heavy responsibility to deliver sentient beings by Amitabha Buddha and he was bestowed the Red Crown by Maitreya Bodhisattva. He received the Vajrayana teachings from Padmasambhava and he was given the ultimate prediction. Due to these reasons, Living Buddha Lian-sheng acquired all circumstances and affinities for receiving the Tantras. Thus, in an age where the influence of Buddhism has declined, True Buddha School was established to deliver sentient beings.

Goals of Establishing True Buddha School

Contrary to the idea that the school was established to differentiate itself as a unique religious sect, the establishment of True Buddha School exists for the purposes of propagating the Buddhist teachings, aligning the world towards unity, and delivering sentient beings from their suffering without rejecting other religious beliefs. The school also absorbs the teachings of different religious and establishes the Correct Dharma with all kinds of expedient methods.

The significance of the emergence of True Buddha School in the age of degeneration

  • The worldly aspect of the True Buddha Tantra helps to fulfil one's wishes aspect of good health, longevity, love and respect in the family, good fortune, and wisdom, among other kinds of blessings in the mundane realm.
  • The spiritual aspect of the True Buddha Tantra helps one to eliminate worries and transcend life and death, reaching the state of the all-encompassing wisdom of true and perfect realisation and achieving the fruition of buddhahood.
  • The spirit of True Buddha School is to guide one towards the good, and illuminate the hearts of sentient beings with truth and goodness. Through cultivation, one proceeds on the illuminating path towards buddhahood.
  • True Buddha School is perfect and it offers the most unique path among all schools of Buddhism. It helps to avert damage and threats caused by wars.
  • True Buddha School is a school that truly actualises the practises of the Buddhadharma, and it is the greatest gift for sentient beings in this lifetime and the next.
  • True Buddha School is equipped with the best approach to deliver sentient beings.
  • True Buddha School is protected and guarded by nagas, heavenly beings, and praised by all buddhas. It is indeed the greatest blessing given to the human world.
  • True Buddha School liberated people from their suffering.